Finally Make Work-Life Balance a Reality…Even If You Feel Like You Have No Time


You hear it ALL the time: you SHOULD be waking up early to work out, meditating for an hour, drinking green juice…all before you even blink or poop in the morning (lol).

The result? Instead of being motivated, you feel TOTALLY OVERWHELMED.

You want to take better care of yourself, de-stress, and beat burnout…

But you’re not able to check self-care off your crazy to-do list––especially with work, friends, and family asking for your attention.

Maybe you felt like everyone else can do everything, so why not me?

The truth is: it’s not your fault. We actually can’t 100% CONTROL our time and energy.

And every time we try to CONTROL or FORCE our relationship with time and energy…we lose.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make work-life balance a reality. We just got to work with them––collaborate.


Good News: You Can Find Time & Energy to Reach Your Goals…I Can Show You How


As someone who has a full-time job in email marketing, teaches yoga 3x/wk, and coaches women like you while also juggling my partner, friends, and family…

I totally get that time and energy are limited.

But here’s something I discovered since my self-care rock bottom 6 years ago…and this one thing has made the biggest difference. It now allows me to feel balanced while doing ALL those things.

There are forces you may not even be aware of that are holding you back from reaching your goals.

And unless you become aware of them…

You can make all the adjustments to your schedule and self-care routine, but you’ll STILL be stuck.

That’s why I’m offering a free, 35-Minute Self-Care Strategy Session video call for a limited time.

I want to help you discover and start to break through those blocks. Do you?


“When I met Emily, I was at a point where I needed guidance on how I could craft a routine to bring calm into my day-to-day life. What I got was a lot moreand enabled me to create a life that helped me feel fulfilled, happy, and self-directed while listening to that inner voice.

Emily’s thoughtful content, humanness, calm, and accepting presence made my journey into self-care joyful, gentle, and filled with self compassion. I would highly recommend her for a young woman (student, working or otherwise) looking to create daily balance and build deeper self-awareness.



25 Minutes + 3 Days / Week = 1 Balanced Life


I want to help you finally feel like self-care and work-life balance are TOTALLY DOABLE (and fun!).

That's why I'm sharing my signature method, Sustainable Self-Care (Without The Overwhelm), in an 8-week LIVE online group coaching course (I also work 1-1 with clients on a rolling basis. Just schedule your free session, and we’ll talk.).

Because of this exact formula, I went from BURNT OUT, working 14-hr days, and juggling multiple chronic illnesses to feeling healthier and happier than I ever have in my entire life.

Now I’m a Self-Care Coach, Reiki Master, and yoga teacher with a Masters in Curriculum Design (and English) from U Chicago, and I love empowering other women.

So if you’re a high-vibe professional woman looking to find time and energy for self-care, this course is for you.

Interested? I’m offering free, 35-Minute Strategy Sessions for a limited time.

During the no-obligation free session, you’ll:

  • Get clear on your BIG scary goals

  • Understand your biggest blocks

  • Learn how to spend just 25 minutes, 3 days a week on self-care and finally feel BALANCED


Not Sure If It’ll Work For YOU? My Proven Formula Has Already Empowered These Busy Women:


“The biggest value Mind Body Dharma provided me was the ability to break down problems and goals into manageable, understandable, and achievable “tiny habits.” Instead of getting trapped in the anxiety of analysis and action, I now feel confident in my ability to make true progress. The journey is almost as important as the destination.”



“Before working with Emily, I was standing at a crossroads between what I was and what I could be. Starting my own business was a terrifying and exciting adventure. There were times I wanted to give up or felt I wasn’t strong enough, but Emily’s ongoing support was the light in my journey. Her tools for manifesting success, while maintaining self-care, calmed my nerves through the bumps of trial and error and gave me the inner strength I needed to reach my full potential.”

- Maria Porter, Certified Hypnotherapist


“Remove the Overwhelm” from YOUR Life Like Krista Katzenmeyer and Christina Whitehurst Did…


You Can Finally Achieve Work-Life Balance Through Doable Self-Care…

Sneak preview of what results you’ll get each week:

Week 1: Get clear on your goals and what’s been blocking you from creating the work-life and life-life balance you want––plus, what to do next

Week 2: Learn how you’re actually spending your time (always surprises here!), how to optimize it + how you can create a self-care routine you love in just 25 minutes, 3x/week

Week 3: Tackle your to-do list overwhelm, become a prioritization QUEEN + master techniques for adapting gracefully when needed

Week 4: Finally understand your energy levels, what your mind & body are REALLY telling you, and what to do about it

Week 5: Release the limiting beliefs holding you back...ditch the SHOULDs and guilt of not doing things like everyone else

Week 6: Learn how to cultivate lasting balance for your unique mind-body type (and how to adapt when things inevitably pop up)

Week 7: OWN your time & energy at last while setting (and keeping!) healthy, compassionate boundaries

Week 8: Truly integrate all you’ve learned, reflect on your biggest takeaways & celebrate balance!


Schedule Your FREE Self-Care Strategy Session to Start Feeling Balanced


Chances are you ALREADY know what you SHOULD be doing to make self-care and balance a reality (and maybe already tried them)…but something isn’t working.

Your time and energy are valuable. I want to help you not waste it.

Often, it takes someone completely separate from you to see things clearly. I’ve been in a tough spot in the past, and that’s why I genuinely want to help you.

Click to schedule a free, 35-minute Self-Care Strategy Session with me, so you can go from frustrated to finally living and breathing your unique version of balance.

I offer less than 10 spots in each cohort of my supportive, LIVE group program because I make sure each and every woman has a transformational experience and gets all the support she needs to succeed.

I’d love to save a spot for you in the last cohort of the year, so you can beat the overwhelm, make doable changes that last, and feel more like YOU in all areas of your life.

Let’s end 2019 STRONG, together.

Click to schedule a free, 35-minute Self-Care Strategy Session with me, so I can tell you more about the results you can expect to achieve, and we can get clear on what’s been blocking you from reaching your goals.

Course enrollment closes October 28th, and once the spots are gone, they’re gone.


“This program was an amazing experience that helped me look more clearly at my life and how I can make small improvements to better take care of myself. My greatest takeaway from the course was having self-compassion for when I didn’t meet the high expectations I had for myself. Emily was a wonderful and kind guide during this amazing program.”

— Madeline Mitchell, MIDDLE school counselor


“Emily is a compassionate, intuitive, and creative practitioner. She is prepared to meet you where you're at and guide you to where you want to be in a supportive and judgment-free environment."



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