Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional.

I am not a medical professional, and therefore, I do not diagnose illness, disease, or medical disorders. My counsel in digestive health, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness should never replace the advice of your medical physician or mental health professional. 

I am a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance and student with the Institute of Transformational Nutrition. As a result, I offer health and wellness suggestions in accordance with my own experiences, intuitive abilities, and training. You are responsible for actions that you do in accordance with or against any advice given by me. Neither Mind Body Dharma nor I are liable in any way for any issues that may arise after a private session, group class, or dharma coaching session.

The Mind Body Dharma Commitment

I am committed to offering you, to the best of my ability, tools and practices that you can use to help heal yourself and to grow towards living a more fulfilled and balanced life. I act in accordance with the Yoga Alliance compliance and integrity statutes at all times, and never seek to cause harm in any way.  


Emily Schickli