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Finally Understand Where You’re Self-Sabotaging & Take Practical Steps Forward


Self-sabotage. Ouch. That may come across as a bit loaded or harsh, but the reality is that we’re all doing it especially when our goals are Big and Scary.

We strive to do all the things we can think of to reach goals that are just out of reach... and somehow we get stuck. We end up frustrated and confused.

You feel me?

Here’s what’s happening: while our conscious self believes it’s possible to achieve that dream state, our subconscious mind has picked up limiting beliefs by witnessing other people we relate to or are close to us try and fail. It’s those beliefs that are tripping us up as we run headlong toward our self goals.

What to do about it? The first step is to get clear on exactly where you’re getting blocked, and that’s where I come in.

Through intuitive card readings that merge spiritualism and practicality together, I’ll empower you to get clear on what you already know is blocking you deep-down and help you translate it into practical steps to reach your goals.

Are you ready?


"Though I was initially skeptical as someone who was never into card reading, I decided to try something new as I really liked Emily's energy. The experience was not only a lot of fun but it was very insightful. The process pointed out numerous things that were true about my personality, and, in fact, where I was at my life in that moment. In so doing, this exercise offered an opportunity to reflect on how I might better navigate important upcoming decisions. I would certainly work with Emily again."

- ADRIAN BAKER, YOGA AND MEDITATION TEACHER creator of adrian baker meditation


Navigate Important Decisions with Confidence by Tuning into YOUR Intuition


During your Guided Introspection session, you’ll:

  • Dive into a key question about your personal journey with regards to relationships, career, or personal development

  • Get a 1-1 mini coaching session on how certain habits or limiting beliefs may be blocking you from reaching your goals

  • Walk away with a recording of the session & a write-up of recommendations for actionable next steps

  • …and best of all, gain a greater sense of clarity and confidence of what to focus on as you work toward your goals

    Are you ready?


"Emily has a true gift in card reading. The accuracy of her reading stunned me. I found myself crying halfway through! She was able to verbalize so many questions I had been asking myself deep within, and provide clear guidance toward a better understanding. I still reflect on the explanations she gave and feel her reading helping me navigate through uncertainty. I cannot recommend her readings highly enough!"



You’ve Got Options…

Choose from a variety of session types based on whether you want to get an introduction to card reading and what it can reveal, explore the underlying dynamics in your relationships, or dive straight into your own personal growth journey.

Discover Your Intuition

  • 20-minute introductory session to Guided Introspection

  • Clarify your biggest invitation to grow right now through a 1-3 Animal Spirit card pull

  • Includes a recording, post-reading write-up, and actionable next steps

  • Total Investment: $27

Illuminate Your Relationship

  • 40-minute session where we go deep into the underlying dynamics of your relationship, so you can gain clarity on where to focus your energies to grow intimacy, trust, and all that good stuff.

  • Includes a recording, post-reading write-up, and actionable next steps

  • Total Investment: $57 or 3-pack for $137 at 20% off

Explore Your Heroine’s Journey

  • 45-minute deep-dive into a specific journey that you’re on right now—whether that’s with self-care, career, health, or personal growth.

  • Uncover the blocks and limiting beliefs slowing you down

  • Includes a recording, post-reading write-up, and actionable next steps

  • Total Investment: $57 or 3-pack for $137 at 20% off


"During the reading, Emily helped me realize the significance my self-care practices have on not only my personal growth, but business growth as well. She did not know the question I wanted to ask during the session, and all the cards she pulled were spot on with the question I had in my mind! Just shows that I really needed those cards to guide me in the right direction.

I highly recommend her card readings if you're looking for an unseen path. During a time of confusion on the path I'm on, this card reading was a perfect way to show some unseen paths that I was not aware of. It was also the perfect jumpstart to activating my self-care practices again. Her knowledge of the cards and approach to the reading is unique and welcoming. This was my first reading ever and I had an excellent, eye-opening experience. Thanks Emily!"

– Madison Warner, Wellness & Life Coach, Creator of Coffee Dates with Maddie


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