Candle Gazing Meditation

Want a little more calm in your life?

Wishing you could stay focused at work?

Me too.

Meditating while gazing at a candle helps us do just that.

This type of meditation provides an opportunity for us to practice focusing the mind, so we can become an impartial observer of our thoughts.

It can improve our patience, increase willpower, and enhance inner peace.

All great things, right?

So maybe you’re wondering, how does it work?

Called trakata in Sanskrit, the art of candle gazing is an ancient practice.

Instead of traveling down the winding roads of our errant thoughts in the darkness of our own minds, we focus on the light.

We gaze softly at a flickering flame.

Here’s a 10-minute candle gazing meditation to help you feel all that goodness. Set up your own candles or just watch the video for some digital ones.

Settle into a comfortable and safe space, and then hit play.