are you ready to finally feel grounded & at ease?

Calm Your Mind & Relieve Pain with The Power of Reiki (& Physics)


Whether you consider yourself super logical, totally “woo-woo,” or somewhere in-between, you can benefit from the gentle and grounding Japanese energy healing technique, Reiki.

Just a few years ago, I thought Reiki was only something aging hippies did and that it didn’t really work.

But, as someone who’s all about trying things that scare me, I eventually pushed past my blocks and tried it out.

The surprising result?

Reiki relieved my migraine that would normally take a full day, extra sleep, and meds to dispel in just 10 minutes.

Needless to say, I was hooked and went on to become a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Method.


How Reiki works:


Just like everything else in the world, we are energetic beings. That’s to say that our cells and bodies vibrate because they are alive, and they do so at a certain frequency.

When we get stressed or upset, however, this frequency changes.

We get a hit of the stress hormone cortisol, triggering the classic “fight or flight” response, so we can respond faster to our environment––something that served us well when we needed to out-run a predator back in the day.

Unfortunately, stress triggers these days are more abundant, complicated, and constant than our biology is prepared for, resulting in chronic stress that’s hard to shake.

Whether it’s being stuck in traffic, making a mistake at work, or getting in a fight with a loved one, we’re finding it harder than ever to heal emotional wounds, let go of physical pain, or even feel grounded after a long, exhausting day.

Here’s where I can help––by channeling Reiki, which is a powerfully calming and loving energetic frequency, I can help you calm your mind and body faster and more deeply than you can do on your own.


"I didn’t know what to expect, and Emily was so wonderful and exceeded my expectations! She made me feel comfortable and safe, and both the session and Reiki I Practitioner course were 100% worth it. Reiki has opened my mind and relaxed my spirit."

- Taryn Lewis, Art Student & Avid Knitter


You’ve Got Options…

If you’re looking to explore the healing power of Reiki for the first time or set-up on-going sessions for maintenance as you work through a difficult time, sign up for distance Reiki healing sessions.

If you’re looking to learn how you can channel this healing energy yourself and for others around you, sign up for a free discovery call to see if the Reiki I Practitioner course is right for you.


De-Stress & Ground: Distance Reiki Healing

  • 30-minute distance Reiki healing session via Zoom (video conferencing)

  • Using sacred symbols and the combined power of Reiki and physics, I’ll guide your body into a calmer and more healing state

  • Includes a mini coaching session, write-up afterwards, and next steps to help you continue your journey to feeling more grounded, healthier, and like your best self

  • Total Investment: $47/session or 3-pack for $113 at 20% off

Heal Yourself & Others: Reiki I Practitioner Course

  • 3 hours of live 1-1 workshops. You’ll learn the history of Reiki, how to use the chakra system to connect to your intuition as a healer, and how to use the power of Reiki to soothe & relieve those around you.

  • Reiki I practitioner “attunement” (the sacred ritual that allows you to channel the power of Reiki) done via video conferencing (in-person option if local to the SF Bay Area)

  • Includes lifetime access to a recording of the lectures and workshops, handouts, and a grounding meditation

  • Total Investment: $247


“I had been experiencing some side pain, and the Reiki Emily did filled me with a sense of calm and peace – and it took away my pain! She had such a positive energy about her, and it was a very healing experience. I highly recommend it!”

– Laura Easton, middle school teacher


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Q: How come you can do Reiki via video conferencing? I thought you had to be in person?

Using sacred symbols to help cross the time-space continuum (sounds way more woo-woo than it is), I send Reiki energy to wherever you are. Though I’m no physicist, I find it helpful to refer to the principles of quantum physics to explain––energy knows no boundaries in time or space. And since Reiki is just loving, calming energy, it has no problem reaching you.

Q: What happens during the sessions?

We’ll hop on a Zoom conference call and chat for a few minutes about your goals for the session, and what you’ve been feeling. Then, I’ll guide you through a short, grounding meditation to help you relax and tap into your body and intuition. After that, I’ll seamlessly start the Reiki healing by sending you the healing energy you need as you continue to relax and rest your eyes. We’ll wrap-up with a mini coaching session and discuss next steps for you based on your needs and goals.