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Work-life balance doesn’t need to be complicated or involve hours of self-care. Ditch the “SHOULDs” and get the support you need to make feeling your best doable––in just 25 min.


“The biggest value Mind Body Dharma provided me was the ability to break down problems and goals into manageable, understandable, and achievable “tiny habits.” Instead of getting trapped in the anxiety of analysis and action, I now feel confident in my ability to make true progress.”

- LINDSAY ALFORD, Executive Director at & Program Manager at Google

Sustainable Self-Care (Without The Overwhelm) course & Guided Introspection Client



Virtual Coaching for Busy Women

Exhausted by your-to-do list and overwhelmed by all the self-care SHOULDs you hear online and from well-meaning friends?

Finally find time and energy to make work-life balance a reality with my help.

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“When I met Emily, I was at a point where I needed guidance on how I could craft a routine to bring calm into my day-to-day life. What I got was a lot more and enabled me to feel fulfilled, happy, and self-directed while listening to that inner voice. Emily’s thoughtful content, humanness, calm, and accepting presence made my journey into self-care filled with self compassion.”

- KARINA, Strategy & Program Manager

Sustainable Self-Care (Without The Overwhelm) Course Client



Guided Introspection Sessions

Not sure what’s blocking you from reaching your goals? Having trouble connecting with your intuition?

Through these mini coaching and card reading sessions, I help guide you to more clarity by connecting you with your inner wisdom (without any of that fortune-telling nonsense), so you can navigate important decisions in your life.

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"Emily has a true gift in card reading. The accuracy of her reading stunned me. I found myself crying halfway through! She was able to verbalize so many questions I had been asking myself deep within, and provide clear guidance toward a better understanding. I still reflect on the explanations she gave and feel her reading helping me navigate through uncertainty. I cannot recommend her readings highly enough!"

- EMILY LISTMANN, Mindfulness Educator of Mindful & Well Education

Guided Introspection Client



SF Bay Area Corporate Events

Help your employees and teammates take time away from the endless notifications to relax and reduce stress, so they feel more balanced and energized on a regular basis.

Past events have ranged from in-office yoga and meditation classes, work-life balance and self-care lunchtime workshops, and off-sites in nearby nature for companies like Course Hero, Google, and Uber. Email for details.

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The Yoga session with Emily was one of the best I've ever experienced. If you're looking for a full-body activity to stretch out, her program is all about removing stress and any pressure you might feel in your body from a long day behind the desk.

To me, the best part of Emily's class was where she finished with a world-class 10-minute mindfulness meditation. I've done group meditations before, but this one by far was the best, and it felt easy to follow. Her guidance allowed me to accept my weaknesses and empowered me to find happiness with the day, regardless of how bad it was. I highly recommend Emily's classes, and I cannot wait for the next one."

ALI ESLAMIFAR, Staff UX Designer at Course Hero

Corporate Events Attendee


Weekend Women’s Retreats

Step away from the endless notifications, to-do lists, and stress to reconnect to your best self, form lasting friendships with other empowered women, and develop sustainable practices for your everyday life.

Surrounded by nature, these all-inclusive weekend getaways in the SF Bay Area have everything you need to rejuvenate.

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“What a great weekend getaway - beautiful nature, great food, company, and relaxing yoga and meditation exercises. It was a good opportunity to re-evaluate what wellness means to me and come away with tangible ways I can integrate things like yoga and meditation into my daily life.”

- ALICE TAYLOR, Training and Quality Lead at YouTube

Feel Vibrant Weekend Retreats Attendee



Distance Reiki Healing

Using the power of physics and this ancient Japanese energy healing technique, I’ll guide you through a grounding meditation and then help you adapt your electromagnetic field’s frequency from in-pain or stressed-out to relaxed and rejuvenated.

Take a deep sigh of relief and let the healing begin. Too “woo-woo” for you? That’s what I thought until I tried it out. Click below to read more about how it works.

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"I didn’t know what to expect, and Emily was so wonderful and exceeded my expectations! She made me feel comfortable and safe, and both the session and Reiki I Practitioner course were 100% worth it. Reiki has opened my mind and relaxed my spirit."

- TARYN LEWIS, Art Student & Avid Knitter

Reiki Session & Reiki I Practitioner Course Client


About Me

About 6 years ago, I hit my work-life balance and self-care rock-bottom––I was recovering from an emotionally abusive relationship and trying to heal my IBS, chronic migraines, and muscle pain. And if that wasn’t enough, I was completely BURNT OUT from the stress of working 3 jobs and 14-hr days, navigating living at home with my parents again, juggling time with friends…and trying to date (lol).

Since then, I’ve figured out what makes me feel balanced, ditched the SHOULDs, got one full-time job at a tech company, and built my own business to help high-vibe professional women finally find time and energy to create (and stick with) a sustainable self-care routine.

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"Emily is a compassionate, intuitive and creative practitioner. She is prepared to meet you where you're at and guide you to where you want to be using a supportive and judgment-free environment. She is a jack of all trades when it comes to personal development and does not back away from a challenge. I cannot recommend her enough!"

PAIGE GIBBONS, Co-Host of the Uterus & The Duderus Podcast

1-1 Coaching & Guided Introspection Client



Let’s Chat

If you’re a high-vibe professional woman seeking to finally find time and energy for self-care, so you can make work-life balance a reality, I’d love to chat.

Schedule a free, 35-min Self-Care Strategy Session, where I’ll help you get clear on your goals and what’s been blocking you from achieving them. I’ll also share how I can help.

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In this free guide, you’ll:

  • Finally find TIME & ENERGY for self-care without overhauling your lifestyle.

  • Avoid the stress and overwhelm by creating a work-life (and life-life!) balance that works for YOU.

  • Make self-care doable and unique to you, so it’s not just another thing on your to-do list waiting to be checked off.

Are you ready?